Chess King - Story of The King & Four Wives

Story Of A King And His Four Wives That Has Deep Meaning Of Life

There once lived a powerful King in a very wealthy country who had four wives. He most cherished his fourth wife and embellished her with the exquisite robes and served her with the finest delicacies. He’d offered her the most of everything he could. 


He also much liked his third wife, she was very pretty and the king was very happy to show her off to the neighboring country. Nevertheless, the king believed she would abandon him for another man someday.


He loved his second wife as well, she was very understanding and caring. 
If there was any difficulty to the King, she would help him get through the hardship. 


And the first wife of the King was a very faithful spouse. She has made the biggest contribution to the prosperity and empire of the King. But the King didn’t respect her. The first wife always loved the king but the king did not give any attention to her instead neglected her. 


The King became severely sick one day and was on the edge of dying. Realizing that his time had arrived, the King feared being alone in his afterlife, questioned his fourth wife, whom he valued the most, “I adored you the most, I dressed you with the finest fabrics, and I showered great concern for you. 


Now that I am dying, are you going to come with me?”. “Definitely not, I cannot come with you”, answered the fourth wife, and walked away. The King had been shattered by her response.


Then, the King called his third wife, whom he had much affection for, and questioned her the same thing, “I cherished you all my life and offered you all my affection. 


Now that I am dying, are you going to come with me?”. “No, I will not, but I’m going to get remarried with another man after you die.”, answered the third woman. The King’s soul was full of despair.


He then called his second wife; the most supportive partner, and told her the same, “You have always been so loving and encouraging to me. 


Now that I am dying, are you going to come with me?”. “I am extremely sorry. I would not be able to support you this time. I will just plan everything for your burial, and I will be present only until your burial.” Now, the king was left alone and had no hope of getting a partner in the afterlife. 


“I am going to come with you. I will still be on your side, no matter where you go.”, a voice called out. The King glanced, and his first wife was there. She was as frail as she was undernourished. The King with great grief said, “I regret that I did not care you. I must have taken much better care of you when I was granted the opportunity.”


We all have four wives in our daily lives. The fourth wife is our body. We love our body with our first affection, and we devote our whole life decorating it with exquisite ornaments and clothes, however, it will finally abandon us when we die.

Our third wife is our property, our position, and our riches. We expend a lot of our time and attention-seeking to accumulate property, but all the things we have gained won’t come with us when we die. Alternatively, when the third wife claimed she would be remarried after the King dies, all our property is split and offered to others.

Our second wife is our friends, families, and relatives. We love them and trust them, and in exchange, they also offer us comfort and aid when we are in need. But no matter how long they’ve been present with us, the farthest they will live with us is up until the burial.

And our first wife is our spirit. We ignore our souls in search of riches, enjoyment, and strength. Never knowing that it’s only our spirit that goes with us as we die. Sure, we do ought to take care of our bodies; stay well, and exercise. We ought to have a nice time or things for our associates and family. Yet we should not forget to take care of our biggest treasure; our spirit. 

Spend some time alone to meditate, pray, and render your spirit one with the Creator. Seek to be respectful and polite. Dedicate your life for a higher purpose; to be the server of other living. Nourish your spirit as it is our only loyal friend.

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